Applying to college was probably one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. It took months of writing and rewriting to even draft one essay. Being the first child in my family to pass through the college application system, I had to figure out every step on my own. I remember spending weeks researching about universities, and their programs. I went from perfecting essays at night to daydreaming about my college adventures. This is where Unavigate started.

Unavigate was the start of something wonderful. As a team we realized that not everyone is given the same guidance and opportunities as one another. We wanted to bridge this gap and give everyone access to creating the best future for themselves simply because our generation is the vehicle for change in today’s society. Unavigate quickly became a way to manifest our life goals while still romanticizing life and having fun in the process. It went from planning in the garage to actually having a fully developed app (launching August) and website. We are happy to be presenting to you a platform where anything is possible. We hope to see every one of you thrive and grow with us as we build upon one another navigating through the different avenues of life.

~Yashvi Vardhan, Founder of Unavigate


Yash Vardhan


Chief Technical Officer

Hi, my name is Yash Vardhan, founder of Unavigate! I am a rising senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Seminole High School in Central Florida. I intend on attending a top ranked business school next year and earning a dual degree in both business and engineering. As a student going into the college application process, I realized early on that I needed help to be successful. Luckily for me, I had my sister readily available to help me, but this got me thinking, what about all of the other students who did not have access to mentors like her? This is the core principle behind the formation of Unavigate. We want to offer all students the opportunity to excel when moving into college and we hope that our trusted advisors from all around the nation can make this dream a reality.

Yashvi Vardhan


Chief Operations Officer

My name is Yashvi Vardhan and I am a founder of Unavigate. I am currently a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Medical Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Back in High School I put a lot of time into researching the universities I wanted to apply to and looking back I wish I had some guidance to make the process easier. With Unavigate I hope to do just that. We started Unavigate to aid high school students in making informative decisions on what college they wanted to attend as well as help them achieve their goals through a peer mentorship program. With Unavigate we hope to offer our students with a large network of individuals ranging from college students all the way to potential employers in the future.

Aryan Parulekar


Chief Informations Officer

Hi my name is Aryan Parulekar, co-founder of Unavigate. I am a rising sophomore at Seminole High School in the International Baccalaureate program. I decided to join the Unavigate team to make a difference for other high schoolers who do not have the same resources as others. Through the connections I have made by being a member of the Unavigate team, I hope to help all students gain access to opportunities including a wide variety of internships and scholarships.

Eric Zhu


Chief Marketing Officer

Hi, my name is Eric Zhu and I am a co-founder of Unavigate. I am currently a sophomore at Seminole High School enrolling in the IB program. As a student engaged in competitive sports while still maintaining a stellar academic record, I have faced many difficulties throughout my schooling. These challenges are difficult to face without guidance, and this is why we created Unavigate. We wanted to create a way for high school students to receive guidance from those who already faced hardships so that they too can succeed. With Unavigate, we hope to create a network of collaboration between students of all ages and all locations.

Yash Singhvi

Director of Marketing

Hi my name is Yash Singhvi. I attend Lake Mary High School where I am an officer in Mu Alpha Theta, part of the wrestling team, and founder of the National History Day club. Outside of school, I am an avid lover of the outdoors and participate in Scouts where I am a Star Scout. I also enjoy building and am part of a robotics team. In my free time I play basketball and work on this app with my friends, some of which, you may have noticed, share a name with me.

Sahil Kapadia

Chief Experience Officer

Hey guys! My name is Sahil Kapadia and I am currently a rising Junior pursuing degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology along with minors in Business Management and Nanoscale Science & Technology at the University of Central Florida. Personally, I wish I had a way to get an insider’s perspective at the respective colleges I was applying to without scheduling a college tour. This is what we hope to deliver with Unavigate, a unfiltered view from our college advisors directly to our highschool students. I hope with Unavigate we can help students navigate clearly to their college careers..

Alex Quach

Chief Strategist Officer

Hi y’all! My name is Alex Quach, and I am a rising Sophomore studying Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a First-Generation College student and a graduate from a small public high school, I felt like I did not have enough guidance in the college application and decision process. But I believe this is an all too common experience for many students regardless of their circumstances. This hardship has heightened as COVID-19 has hindered high schoolers from having honest interactions with potential colleges and college students as physical visits have been canceled. We hope to help address these new and existing safety, financial, and practical constraints by creating a widely-accessible online college platform. I'm passionate about applying technology in ways that promote equitable access, and I believe we can make Unavigate a solution for all students.